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Dazzled Earrings, Valentine

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-Earrings sold pair

-Body Part Material: Palladium plated nickel-free brass, hand painted with white and pink enamel, jeweled with oval shaped star cut crystal

-Fastening Material: 925 sterling silver engraved with logo 'moi,'

-Weight for a single earring: 14 g

About the Dazzled Collection

Our SS22 Dazzled Collection is inspired by those small moments that delight us, especially ones that give us goosebumps and leave our eyes dazzled by their brilliancy. The small colored dots are hand painted with enamel, resembling the goosebumps on the skin while the oval shaped star cut crystals symbolize the light in our eyes amazed by such moments. Each color way mimics a scene we want to remember and relive. We hope the meaning behind our Dazzled Collection resonates with your own experience. All pieces are handcrafted with love and each one is unique, like you.